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Tension Fabric Stand Curve - 33.5" W x 78.7" H
Tension Fabric Stand Square - 33.5" W x 78.7" H
Tension Fabric Stand Curve - 47.2" W x 78.7" H
Tension Fabric Stand Square - 37.2" W x 78.7" H
Tension Fabric Stand Square - 33.5" W x 59" H
Tension Fabric Stand Curve - 33.5" W x 59" H
Tension Fabric Stand Square - 47.2" W x 59" H
Tension Fabric Stand Curve - 47.2" W x 59" H
Tension Fabric Stands (3945333653576)
Tension Fabric Stands (3945333653576)
Tension Fabric Stands (3945333653576)
Tension Fabric Stands (3945333653576)

Tension Fabric Stands

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Our Tension Fabric Stands are the perfect solution for advertising at trade shows, presentations, conventions and business meetings as they are portable and easy to assemble. The stretch polyester fabric banner is printed in full color using vivid dye-sublimation inks and sewn into a “sleeve” which simply slides over the tubular frame to create a flat and seamless graphic. You can select either single-sided or double-sided printing and can change your message at any time by ordering an extra replacement fabric to use with your frame. 

These high-quality display stands provide your brand with a professional appearance at an amazingly low price!!

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We will ship your Tension Fabric Stand order for free to 1 location anywhere in the contiguous states of the US and Canada! Produced in 24 Hours from artwork proof sign off. 

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Download our design template, create your amazing design and save it as a PDF to upload with your order. Not sure if you did it the right way? No problem at all, our graphic design team provides free file checking. They will point out any potential issues and help you get it ready to print.

Maybe creating the artwork layout isn't really your specialty? Never fear, our design team is here! We offer a free artwork layout service. Simply upload your logos and/or images when ordering the product and let us know how you want the layout organized (don't forget to tell us the colors you want!). Our design team will make it look amazing and send you a digital design proof to ensure it's just how you want it before it's made.


  • Includes Display Stand, Tension Fabric Banner and free carry bag!
  • 2 widths available: 33.5" and 47.2"
  • 2 heights available: 59" and 78.7"
  • Printed on our High Quality 7.35 oz. SignWeave™ Fabric Material
  • Light absorbing Matte finish making it perfect for photography
  • Single-sided or double-sided printing available 
  • The banner is sewn into pillowcase shape with a zipper along the bottom
  • The strong anodized aluminum tubular frame that clicks together
  • Easy and fast to assemble
  • 12-month warranty

How long will it take to produce my order of Tension Fabric Stands?

We can produce your order in as little as 24 hours after artwork proof sign off:

< 3 units - 24 hours (1 working day) after artwork proof sign off
< 9 units - 48 hours (2 working days) after artwork proof sign off 
< 21 units - 3 working days after artwork proof sign off 
< 41 units - 4 working days after artwork proof sign off 
< 71 units - 5 working days after artwork proof sign off 
< 101 units - 6 working days after artwork proof sign off 
< 151 units - 7 working days after artwork proof sign off 

Please see our Production & Delivery Times for more information



What are the differences between your Tension Fabric Stand and your Tension Fabric Display?

The main difference is the size. The Tension Fabric Display is more of a media wall as it ranges in width from 8’ to 20’. The Tension Fabric Stand comes in 2 smaller sizes which are more comparable with pull up banners. The stretch fabric “pillowcase” banner ensures that this product is far superior in appearance to the standard pull up banners.

Both products have the same “pillowcase” banner with a zipper at the bottom, are printed in full dye sublimated color, and are available in either single sided or double sided print.


Does the fabric pillowcase banner look smooth? 

The pillowcase banner slips over the top of the tubular frame and is stretched tight to the bottom, where a zipper runs along the bottom edge. When it is zipped up the whole banner is taut and has a completely smooth appearance.


Why is the SignWeave™ polyester fabric material the best fabric for the Tension Fabric Stands?

Our SignWeave™ polyester fabric material has been specially developed for use as backdrop banners such as Fabric Tension Stands, Fabric Tension Displays and Step and Repeat Banners. The SignWeave™ material has a light absorbing matte finish which reduces glare and makes it perfect for photography. The 7.35 oz. material provides a strong, thick fabric and a perfect surface to allow vibrant colors to be printed using our state of the art dye sublimation process. The finished product is a high quality, hard wearing and long lasting product. 


Can I use the Tension Fabric Stand as a photography backdrop?

This product is great for use as a photography backdrop. The premium 7.35 oz. SignWeave™ polyester fabric material has a light absorbing matte finish which reduces glare and makes it perfect for photography.


If I choose single sided print, what color will the back of the banner be?

The fabric is white before it is printed. If you select single sided printing we will print your graphic on the front of the pillowcase banner, and the back of the pillowcase banner will be white.


How heavy is the stand? Is it easily carried?

The frame and metal base weighs 17 lbs and packs away into it’s own carry bag. The metal base has a handle cut out on one side for ease of carrying. 


Does this fabric allow light to pass through it? Does it offer a degree of transparency?

The fabric material is not transparent because it is a heavy 7.35 oz. material however it will allow a small amount of light through. The darker the print color, the less light will be visible through the fabric.


How does the display attach to the frame?

Please refer to the assembly instructions on the web page. Once the frame is assembled the fabric pillowcase banner is simply pulled over the top of the frame and then pulled and stretched all the way down to the bottom of the frame. It is secured by a zipper which runs all the way along the bottom of the banner. Once it is zipped up the fabric banner will be taut and secure.


What material is the frame made out of?

The frame is made from tubular anodised aluminum, which provides great rigidity as well as being light for portability. The base is made from powder coated steel.


Do the aluminum poles have bungee cords inside of them?

No - the individual poles are not joined. They have symbols on each end so you simply match like symbols to determine which poles fit into each other. 


Is the frame adjustable in size?

No - the frame is a fixed size and cannot be adjusted.


Is it necessary to use the zipper at the bottom?

The Tension Fabric Stand will still work if the zipper is not used. However it is designed to have the zipper used so the fabric can be stretched taut and smooth. If the zipper is not used there may be some slack in the banner display.


Will the display sag when attached to the frame?

When properly attached to the frame, with the zipper closed, your custom tension fabric stand will not bunch up or sag when displayed. Tension provided by the frame will cause the display to remain taut and wrinkle free while being displayed.


Will the fabric banner easily tear?

The fabric banner should not tear when subjected to normal usage. But please be aware that it is a fabric banner so should be kept away from sharp objects. When not in use, you should ensure that it is completely dry and then carefully fold it and store it in a dry location.


What printing process do you use for the Tension Fabric Stands?

We use a Dye Sublimation process to print the fabric banners in full CMYK color. Dye Sublimation is a method that transfers your design from a paper film to the fabric using a heat press method. The ink is pressed into the fabric to provide you with a vibrant long lasting fabric banner.


Do you hem the edges of your Fabric Tension Banners?

Yes - we double stitch hem the edges of the fabric banner. The stitching is only about ½” wide but makes sure that the banner will not fray at the edges.


Are the Fabric Tension Stands suitable for use outdoors?

This product is ideally suited to being used indoors. The tension fabric banner and the stand are weather resistant, so it is possible to use this product outdoors, however you will need to take every precaution to avoid it being blown over by the wind. We do not have any method of anchoring the frame if you use it outdoors.


Will the design on the banner fade or rub off?

The fabric banner is printed using the latest state of the art dye sublimation process. The ink will last indefinitely indoors and will only fade when exposed to the sun for long periods. The ink locks into the fabric so is quite scratch resistant but care must be taken to avoid sharp objects that may tear the fabric.


How do I set up my Fabric Tension Stand?

Please refer to the Assembly Guide on this web page for instructions on how to assemble your Fabric Tension Stand.

It should only take about 5 minutes to set it up.


How should the banner be stored?

We recommend that you ensure the banner is completely clean and dry, and then carefully fold it to fit inside the carry bag supplied.


How do I remove creases from the fabric banner?

We recommend that you use a steamer to remove any creases from the polyester fabric. It is also possible to use a warm iron but important that you use an ironing cloth so that the iron does not contact the fabric.


Can I wash and dry the fabric banner?

The fabric banner is suitable for use in a washing machine on a gentle cycle using cold water - but please avoid using harsh detergents or bleach. Please do not place the fabric banner in a tumble dryer - only air dry the fabric banner and ensure it is completely dry before storing.


How can I set up the artwork if I am not using Adobe Illustrator and cannot open the pdf template?

Our templates are designed to be opened using Adobe Illustrator. If you are using a different program you may not be able to open the pdf template, or you may open it and it looks blank. In this case you will not be able to use the template - but will need to set up your artwork at the following sizes:

33.5" W x 78.7" H:

Safe Size: 31.5" W x 77.9" H

Finished Size: 33.9" W x 80.2" H

Bleed Size: 36.3" W x 83.2" H

47.2" W x 78.7" H:

Safe Size: 45.5" W x 80.8" H

Finished Size: 47.8" W x 83.2" H

Bleed Size: 50.2" W x 85.6" H 

You will need to set up your artboard at the ‘Bleed Size’ and continue the artwork to the edge of your artboard. Make sure that all important information such as logos and text are kept within the ‘Safe Size’. Please ensure that you convert all text to outlines, embed all images & save the file as a PDF.