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Step and Repeat Banners (3890080219208)
Step and Repeat Banners (3890080219208)
Step and Repeat Banners (3890080219208)
Step and Repeat Banners (3890080219208)
Step and Repeat Banners (3890080219208)
Step and Repeat Banners (3890080219208)
Step and Repeat Banners (3890080219208)

Step and Repeat Banners

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Our Step and Repeat Adjustable Banners provide a great low-cost backdrop for press conferences, interviews, red carpet events, trade shows, and exhibitions. 

And it comes with our premium dye-sublimated fabric banner in a choice of our 4 most popular sizes. The banner stands have twist-lock adjustable poles which can vary the height and width - so you select the banner size you want and set up the stand to suit it.

You will be amazed at the low price for such a high-quality full color digitally printed backdrop banner stand!

Free Shipping

We will ship your Step and Repeat Banner order for free to 1 location anywhere in the contiguous states of the US and Canada! Produced in 24 Hours from artwork proof sign off.

Free File Checking & Free Artwork Layout Services Provided

Download our design template, create your fantastic design, and save it as a PDF to upload with your order. Not sure if you did it the right way? No problem at all, our graphic design team provides free file checking. They will point out any potential issues and help you get it ready to print.

Maybe creating the artwork layout isn't your specialty? Never fear, our design team is here! We offer a free artwork layout service. Upload your logos and/or images when ordering the product, and tell us how you want the layout organized (don't forget to tell us the colors you want!). Our design team will make it look amazing and send you a digital design proof to ensure it's just how you want it before it's made.


  • Includes Backdrop Stand, Fabric Banner, and free carry bag!
  • Available in 4 sizes - 6'x 8', 8'x 8', 9'x 8', 10'x 8'
  • Printed on our premium 7.35 oz. SignWeave™ polyester fabric material
  • Light absorbing Matte finish making it perfect for photography
  • Vibrant full-color single-sided dye sublimated print
  • Pole Pockets at top and bottom - so no need for ugly cable ties!
  • Strong black anodized adjustable aluminum stand
  • Easy to assemble in minutes
  • Packs away into a durable compact 39"x 9"x 3" nylon carry bag
  • The packed weight of stand and carry bag is 18 lbs
  • Banner weight varies from 3 lbs to 5 lbs depending on the size selected. 

How long will it take to receive my order of Step and Repeat Banners?

We can produce your order in as little as 24 hours after artwork proof sign off:

< 3 units - 24 hours (1 working day) after artwork proof sign off
< 9 units - 48 hours (2 working days) after artwork proof sign off and 
< 21 units - 3 working days after artwork proof sign off 
< 41 units - 4 working days after artwork proof sign off 
< 71 units - 5 working days after artwork proof sign off 
< 101 units - 6 working days after artwork proof sign off 
< 151 units - 7 working days after artwork proof sign off

Please see our Production & Delivery Times for more information


What is the difference between a ‘Step and Repeat Banner’ and a ‘Backdrop Banner’? 

This product is most commonly referred to as a “Step and Repeat Banner”. But it is often used as a backdrop for photography or events - so is also sometimes referred to as a Backdrop Banner. These are just 2 different terms that refer to the same product.


Can I use the Step and Repeat banner as a photography backdrop?

This product is great for use as a photography backdrop. The premium 7.35 oz. SignWeave™ polyester fabric material has a light absorbing matte finish which reduces glare and makes it perfect for photography.


Do you supply any other types of Step and Repeat Banners or Backdrop Banners?

Yes we also supply Tension Fabric Stands and Tension Fabric Displays. These products are also used as backdrops and come with our premium 7.35 oz. SignWeave™ polyester fabric material. You can find these other products on this web site.


Why is the SignWeave™ polyester fabric material the best fabric for Backdrop Banners?

Our SignWeave™ polyester fabric material has been specially developed for use as Backdrop Banners. The SignWeave™ material has a light absorbing matte finish which reduces glare and makes it perfect for photography. The 7.35 oz. material provides a strong, thick fabric and a perfect surface to allow vibrant colors to be printed using our state of the art dye sublimation process. The finished product is a high quality, hard wearing and long lasting product. We do not recommend using vinyl banners for this type of backdrop as the vinyl is easier to scratch and crease, can be more light reflective and the extra weight can cause the stand to buckle.


Do you offer any other sizes for these adjustable Step and Repeat Banner stands? 

We currently only offer the 4 sizes of banners shown on this web page.


What is the Step and Repeat frame made of?

The poles are a strong black anodised aluminum, which provides great strength as well as being lightweight. The grip portions on the poles are made from a strong plastic and used to loosen the extendable poles for adjustment.


Is the frame size adjustable?

Yes - the size of the frame can be adjusted from 51”-120” wide and 39.5”-96” high. At this stage we only offer the 4 banner sizes listed on this web page - and all 4 sizes can be fitted onto this stand.


How tall and wide will my adjustable frame be?

Your adjustable frame will be slightly larger than the printed graphic that you order, allowing it to be suspended by the frame. 
The overall height of the frame will be 4" more than the height of your banner due to the bottom horizontal pole being 3.3" above the ground and the top of the top horizontal pole being 0.7" below the top of the vertical posts.
The frame will also be wider than your fabric banner by a minimum of 5" (2.5" on each side) due to the width of the vertical posts and the base.


Can I order double sided banners for the Step and Repeat Banners?

We do not offer double sided banners for this product. If you require a double sided Backdrop Banner please have a look at the web page for our Tension Fabric Walls.


How transparent is the fabric banner on the Step and Repeat Banner?

The fabric material is not transparent because it is a heavy 7.35 oz. material however it will allow a small amount of light through. The darker the print color, the less light will be visible through the fabric.


Will my banner have seams?

We do not have seams on any of our fabric banners - they are all printed in one solid piece.


Will the banner sag when attached to the stand?

There may be a small amount of slack in the banner when it is set up on the stand. You can minimise the slack by adjusting the height and width of the stand to stretch the banner out. 


Will the fabric banner easily tear?

The fabric banner should not tear when subjected to normal usage. But please be aware that it is a fabric banner so should be kept away from sharp objects. When not in use, you should ensure that it is completely dry and then carefully fold it and store it in a dry location.


What printing process do you use for the Step and Repeat banners?

We use a Dye Sublimation process to print the fabric banners in full CMYK color. Dye Sublimation is a method that transfers your design from a paper film to the fabric using a heat press method. The ink is pressed into the fabric to provide you with a vibrant long lasting fabric banner.


Do you hem the edges of your Step and Repeat banners?

Yes - we double stitch hem the edges of the fabric banner. The stitching is only about ½” wide but makes sure that the banner will not fray at the edges. We also double stitch sew the pole pockets at the top and bottom of the banner to allow the poles to slide through and support the banner.


Do the pole pockets affect the printed area of the banner?

About four inches of your graphic on both the top and the bottom of the fabric banner will end up being a part of the pole pocket. We recommend that you avoid having any text within 4 inches of the top or bottom of your design to avoid the text being printed on the rod pocket area.


Are the Step and Repeat banners suitable for use outdoors?

This product is ideally suited to being used indoors. The fabric banner and the backdrop stand are weather resistant, so it is possible to use the Step and Repeat banner outdoors, however you will need to take every precaution to avoid it being blown over by the wind. 


Can I secure my Step and Repeat banner to a solid object?

The Step and Repeat banner does not require any anchoring methods when used on flat surfaces indoors. The design of the frame allows for stability on even surfaces. There are no anchor points on this product where you can attach anything to secure it. 


Will the design on the banner fade or rub off?

The fabric banner is printed using the latest state of the art dye sublimation process. The ink will last indefinitely indoors and will only fade when exposed to the sun for long periods. The ink locks into the fabric so is quite scratch resistant but care must be taken to avoid sharp objects that may tear the fabric.


How do I set up my Step and Repeat banner?

Please refer to the Assembly Guide on this web page for instructions on how to assemble your Step and Repeat banner.

It should only take about 5 minutes for 2 people to set it up.


How should the banner be stored?

We recommend that you ensure the banner is completely dry, and then carefully fold it to fit inside the carry bag supplied.


How do I remove creases from the fabric banner?

We recommend that you use a steamer to remove any creases from the polyester fabric. It is also possible to use a warm iron but important that you use an ironing cloth so that the iron does not contact the fabric.


Can I wash and dry the fabric banner?

The fabric banner is suitable for use in a washing machine on a gentle cycle using cold water - but please avoid using harsh detergents or bleach. Please do not place the fabric banner in a tumble dryer - only air dry the fabric banner and ensure it is completely dry before storing.